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Melasma Laser Treatment in Bakersfield, California

Do you struggle with unwanted skin pigmentation caused by a condition known as melasma? At Synergy Wellness, we want to help you achieve a smoother, more even complexion to boost your confidence and help you look and feel great. Our melasma treatments use pico laser technology to address this highly common condition, helping reduce the appearance of dark patches on your face or body.

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What Is Melasma?

Melasma is a condition of hyperpigmentation most commonly experienced by women. Sometimes called ” the mask of pregnancy,” it often appears in pregnant women due to hormonal changes, although there are other potential causes. Melasma causes brown or gray-brown patches to appear on the cheeks, chin, forehead or nose. While there is no cure, treatments such as topical bleaching creams or chemical peels can reduce pigmentation.

What Is Melasma Treatment With a Pico Laser?

Laser treatments can address many skin pigmentation issues — and melasma is no different. At our medical aesthetic clinic in Bakersfield, California, we proudly offer pico laser technology to treat melasma.

Picosecond laser therapy is different than most standard laser treatments. The device rapidly delivers energy in picoseconds rather than nanoseconds — that’s increments of one-trillionth of a second. This rapid-fire system allows the energy to be converted into pressure rather than heat.

As the pico laser quickly penetrates the skin, it targets deep below the surface to treat melasma at its source. The pressure created by the pico laser scatters the pigment, which then gets flushed out by the body. For many, the outcome is a clearer, blemish-free complexion.

Advantages of Melasma Laser Treatment

During your consultation at Synergy Wellness, our experts will help you determine if pico laser treatments would be an effective option for your melasma or other pigmentation issues. Some of the benefits of melasma treatment with a pico laser device include:


  • Treats a wide array of pigmentation problems, including those that happen after pregnancy
  • Removes unwanted pigmentation from the hands, face or anywhere else on your body
  • Fast, straightforward sessions lasting only 10 minutes
  • Safe and effective treatment option for melasma with more predictable results
  • Minor discomfort — most patients describe the sensation like a rubber band snapping on their skin
  • Smoother, more even skin tone
  • Minimal reported side effects

Schedule Your Melasma Treatment at Synergy Wellness in Bakersfield

If pigmentation problems make you feel self-conscious, it’s time to contact the aesthetic professionals at Synergy Wellness. We believe in making our patients feel completely at ease and pampered throughout the treatment process. Besides our pico laser device, we offer a wide array of other aesthetic services to ensure you leave looking and feeling your best.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation or call us at 661-878-9100.

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