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Progesterone Hormone Therapy

Aging is an inevitability, but if we look at this natural process closely, it resembles many diseases in the way it causes our bodies to deteriorate. That’s why experts in the medical community are searching for ways to not just prevent the symptoms of aging, but to also reverse certain aspects of the aging process.

A preventive treatment garnering a lot of positive attention is progesterone hormone pellet therapy. Not only does it offer many age management benefits, but it’s also a way to prevent the onset of certain serious medical conditions. The procedure involves inserting pellets under the skin that are similar on a molecular level to the progesterone women’s bodies naturally produce. When used in conjunction with estrogen hormone therapy, it provides dramatic beneficial results.

Progesterone pellet therapy is a hormone replacement technique that we offer to our patients at Synergy Wellness Center. Here are answers to some of the questions our patients frequently ask about this treatment option.

Bio-Identical Replacement at Synergy

Watch Elizabeth and Gene telling their story about life before hormone replacement and how everything changed after starting bio-identical hormones at Synergy Wellness Center.


Why Is Progesterone Important for Age Management?

Progesterone and estrogen are hormones naturally produced by women that provide a powerhouse duo of effects. Not only do they act as messengers to crucial bodily systems, but they also create biochemical reactions that prevent the negative effects of the aging process. When working synergistically with estrogen, progesterone balances it and promotes optimal female health.

As we get older, hormone levels decrease, especially after menopause. When women undergo hormone therapy to bring progesterone and estrogen levels back to their optimal levels, this slows the downward spiral of aging and allows them to feel revitalized, strong and healthy. Other positive benefits include:

  • Prompts new bone growth
  • Promotes healthy heart function
  • Boosts overall mood
  • Provides feelings of well-being

What Are Progesterone Hormone Pellets for Women?

Progesterone hormone pellets for women are all-natural pellets smaller than a Tic Tac. They are inserted under the skin, mimicking the progesterone naturally produced by the human body. Most progesterone used in hormone replacement therapy is synthetic, and this artificially formed hormone can cause negative side effects to the female body. At Synergy Wellness Center we only use “bio-identical” progesterone pellets, meaning that they precisely copy the molecular structure of the natural hormone. When your body metabolizes the pellet, side effects are minimized.

The insertion process of progesterone hormone pellets is straightforward and relatively painless, taking only a matter of minutes. Usually, the pellet is placed under the skin either in the hip area or lower abdomen. As it remains in the body, it releases consistent doses of progesterone over the course of three to six months.

Who Should Consider Progesterone Hormone Pellets?

Progesterone helps counteract the side effects of menopause, but these hormone pellets are not just for women going through this phase of life. Women of any age can benefit from this procedure. Combined with estrogen, you may experience a number of improvements:

  • PMS symptoms decreased
  • Concentration and memory improved
  • Depression and anxiety lessened
  • Healthier skin tone and hair texture
  • Increased sex drive
  • Decreased risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and many other conditions

How Does Progesterone Work With Estrogen?

The relationship between progesterone and estrogen should be viewed as a lifelong partnership. They balance each other out to create a synergistic effect that promotes optimal female health. In some ways, these two hormones could be seen as the yin and yang of the female body. Because they complement each other, you should consider opting for both progesterone and estrogen hormone pellet therapy, as they work together to improve your overall quality of life.

Progesterone Pellets Side Effects

If you decide to undergo progesterone hormone pellet therapy, the side effects are extremely mild and can be easily managed. Some of the common effects associated with the use of progesterone resemble puberty, like excess hair growth and acne. Other results may include breast tenderness or water weight gain, which both resolve over time.

You may experience some discomfort or slight bruising at your insertion site after the procedure. There’s also a small risk of infection.

How Long Will It Take for Hormone Pellets to Take Effect?

Although some patients feel the positive effects brought about by bioidentical progesterone pellets in the first day or two, most start noticing changes within a week or two. Patients report having more energy, sleeping better and feeling happier.

Contact Synergy Wellness Center for More Information About Progesterone Pellets

We welcome you to contact Synergy Wellness Center to find out how progesterone pellet therapy could be used to improve your overall health and well-being.

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