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Testosterone Therapy for Men

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Testosterone โ€“ The Feel-Good Hormone

Testosterone has naturally been defined as a classic male sex hormone,ย but no woman should be without it,ย either. The overall decline of physical and emotional well-being in aging adults is partially due to slowly decreasing testosterone levels.

At optimal levels, testosterone increases muscle strength and lean body mass, bone formation and bone health, enhances energy and sex drive and decreases blood pressure. It has also shown to improve memory and cognitive functions, as estrogen does in women. Testosterone also has a preventive effect through its protection against chardiovascular disease in both men and women.

If you feel your energy levels have been dropping, and other negative side effects associated with aging, you may need testosterone hormone therapy.

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Testosterone Hormone Therapy in Bakersfield, CA

As we age, there is a high chance that both men and women will experience a testosterone imbalance. Although many mistakenly believe that this issue only affects men, this is not the case. When left untreated, a testosterone imbalance (in both genders) can have a variety of impacts on your overall health. Testosterone pellet implants are a form of hormone therapy that treats decreasing levels of the testosterone. This innovative, quick-to-administer treatment is available to patients at Synergy Wellness Center in Bakersfield and Fresno, CA.

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Pellet Procedure – Male

Male pellet procedure for better health and well-being. Includes Testosterone pellets.

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