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Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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Updated December 6, 2023

Americans participating in a holiday weight gain study discovered how much their weight increased over the holidays — 0.4 percent during Christmas and 0.2 percent over Thanksgiving.

Germans participating in the same study found their average holiday weight gain was around 0.6 percent at Christmas and 0.2 percent at Easter. Japanese people experienced a 0.3 percent weight gain during Golden Week — a week-long celebration of several holidays that starts at the end of April and goes into the first week of May — and a 0.5 increase in weight during Christmas.

Although different countries celebrate various holidays, the common denominator is increased consumption of high-calorie foods. It’s good to enjoy your holidays! Empower yourself by making some simple changes to your lifestyle and diet.

tips to avoid holiday weight gain

How to Stay Active During the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time, and it might be tough to fit in regular exercise like going to the gym. There are many ways to stay active while still spending time with your loved ones. The following are a few options to get moving during the holiday season.

walk before or after work will do wonders for your body and mood. If things are too busy during the week, try a walk around the block on Friday afternoons or visit a local trail on the weekends — even a 20-minute walk can improve your mood and burn calories.

Try to swim in the gym pool or get your arms working by trying out some tennis on Saturday mornings. Doing this will get you out of your comfort zone and open you up to different forms of exercise. Swimming helps your muscles heal and is a great fat burner, while tennis strengthens your upper body and you can play doubles to include more people.

You can have fun while exercising. Go running and make it a family affair, or walk with a loved one. If you don’t feel comfortable running on your own yet or would like some accountability, join a local running club. Browse the local newsletter or find a safe fitness group on your community’s social media pages.

Another way to get accountability and get more people involved is by starting a friendly competition among family or your group of friends. Have everyone count their steps each day and then award a small prize or bragging rights to the one with the most steps each week.

Stick to Healthy Routines to Manage Weight

Don’t feel too restricted over the holidays. What works best is to follow a daily routine.

eat fiber to feel full

Eating Plan

Adopt a doable and realistic eating plan you know you can stick to:

  • Have breakfast and lunch, even if it’s light. The last thing you want to do is go to a party with an empty stomach.
  • Get good quality protein during the day. Lean beef or chicken are both sensible options, but fish is best.
  • Eat fiber to feel full. Nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit and whole grains work best to curb holiday weight gain.
  • Drink water before your meals and stay hydrated throughout the day with a reusable water bottle.
  • Enjoy dessert in moderation. Having a few small sweets can hold off sugar cravings and prevent you from binging on too many holday cookies and candy.

Lifestyle Habits

try our weight loss bundleThese small changes can make the most significant impact:

  1. Skip the soda and sugary drinks and try drinking juice, water or iced tea.
  2. Eat the vegetables on your plate before diving into the not-so-healthy options.
  3. Scan the snack table for healthier snacks first, then indulge in the others later. Look for nuts, dried fruit, seeds and pretzels, or bring your own.
  4. If you reach for a cup of coffee too often, try swapping out a cup or two for green tea.
  5. Try to eat slowly and savor every bite by appreciating the flavor. This process helps you avoid overeating.


Managing Stress During the Holidays

It’s entirely possible to include quick and easy relaxation routines in your daily life, which will also help you manage weight gain:

  • Take walks: Getting away from a busy and noisy house into the cool, quiet air can do wonders.
  • Create your sanctuary: Even if it’s the bathroom, find a secluded area where you can have a few minutes to yourself.
  • Focus on your breathing: Taking a few deep, long breaths brings more oxygen to your brain and lungs.
  • Get your beauty sleep: Having eight hours of quality uninterrupted sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself.

You Can Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

If you gain too much weight over the holidays or want to change your diet and exercise before the season arrives, Synergy Wellness is here to help. We offer medical weight loss plans and minimally invasive body-shaping procedures to improve your health and self-esteem. Call us today at (661) 878-9100 to learn more about our invigorating way of life.

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About the Author:

President, Medical Director: Jan Trobisch, MD

Dr. Jan Trobisch was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. He began his journey into medicine at the esteemed Freie Universität Berlin, graduating in 1999. Driven by an eagerness to broaden his experience and knowledge, he moved to the United States in 2000. There, he undertook and completed his residency training in Internal Medicine at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, California, by 2004.

After his residency, Dr. Trobisch worked as a hospitalist and served as an attending physician for the residency program. His passion for helping people overcome their struggles led him to work in outpatient addiction recovery treatment. In his quest to provide a comprehensive and integrative approach to wellness, Dr. Trobisch founded the Synergy Wellness Center in 2009.

In the decade-plus since its inception, Synergy Wellness Center has experienced significant growth and expansion. The center is committed to offering a wide array of services, including medical weight loss, hormone optimization, medical aesthetics, and addiction recovery treatments. Emphasizing comfort and tranquility for its patients, Synergy is known for its luxurious, spa-like environment, blending the aesthetics of a wellness spa with the rigor and expertise of a medical facility.

With his multifaceted medical expertise and commitment to holistic well-being, Dr. Trobisch continues to lead the Synergy Wellness Center, shaping it into a beacon of integrative health and wellness.

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