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Jan Trobisch

Jan Trobisch

Weight Loss Programs

Our weight loss programs here at Synergy Wellness have been proven to work. They work on the simplest theory in weight loss – eat less calories and lose weight. These low calorie diets (LCDs) will help you shed the pounds and feel healthier and happier. We also offer modified low calorie diets (MLCDs). You are warmly invited to learn more about these diets and our other diets and how we can help you lose weight with our programs.

What is LCD?

LCD, as the name suggests, is a diet in which the patient will consume considerably less calories. These diets are proven to work because the patient will be burning more calories than they consume. You should always begin and stay on these diets under medical supervision so you can monitor your health during the change in eating habits. Consult one of our specialists before you put yourself on a low calorie diet. It’s really the only way to make sure you are still getting vital nutrients while shedding the pounds.

What is MLCD?

The modified low calorie diet is an entry point to getting healthier for many people, especially diabetics. Studies have shown that MLCDs can reduce the severity of diabetes and help people live healthier lives. MLCDs aren’t just for diabetics, though. Anyone who is wanting to lose weight can benefit from a MLCD, too. The only way to know which of these two diets is right for you is to seek the opinion of our certified medical professionals.

In addition to the LCD and MLCD, we have other diets available.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Anyone who is obese is a great candidate for one of our weight loss programs. These diets are surefire ways to shed considerable weight. In fact, many patients show results much faster than they initially thought they would.

Diabetics can benefit greatly from these kinds of diets. Each plan will be customized for the patient’s personal wants and needs. However, anyone who wants to give these diets a try should be aware that their eating habits must change in order to be successful. To find out which of our weight loss programs is best for you, a consultation is required.

Seek a Consultation

You can reach out to us directly at Synergy Wellness with any questions about LCD, MLCD, and our other weight loss programs. We can determine whether these diet plans will benefit you and get you on your way to being healthier and happier. Don’t wait another minute to contact us today and schedule your first consultation with us in Bakersfield.

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