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Minimally Invasive Neck and Face Lifts with the PrecisionTx™

Do you want to look younger, but don’t have the time for a surgical procedure that requires long periods of rest and recovery time? With minimally invasive PrecisionTx laser facelifts, sagging skin on your neck and jawline can be lifted and revitalized to take years off of your appearance after only a few days of downtime.*

How Does Small Area Laser Body Contouring Work?

PrecisionTx laser facelifts are effective because they precisely target sagging skin and excess fat on the neck and jawline with powerful laser energy. During the procedure, extra fat cells are removed from the area through a small incision. The laser energy also generates heat that stimulates new collagen production in skin on the neck and jawline. As a result, the sagging skin is naturally lifted and revitalized without damaging the surrounding areas or leaving noticeable scars.

What to Expect During PrecisionTx Lower Face and Neck Lifts

PrecisionTx laser facelifts take place in a doctor’s office and last about an hour. Only one treatment is needed to deliver long-lasting results. Patients are under local anesthesia during the procedure, which allows for faster recovery times. After the procedure, patients can recuperate at home. Best of all, the side effects are minor. Patients may experience some soreness in the area, but most are able to return to their normal routines within a few days*.

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Precision Tx Laser Facelift

Precision Tx is a minimally invasive procedure for skin tightening and fat removal within the face. Coming soon to Synergy Wellness Center.


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Body Shaping

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Body Shaping

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Jan Trobisch

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Smartlipo Event on 11/12/15

"Get Rid of Those Unwanted Inches" Smartlipo Event on November 12 at 5:30PM. RSVP today at 661-878-9100 to learn about the this new minimally invasive laser liposuction and get exclusive event pricing for this revolutionary new procedure.