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Precision TX for Underarm Sweating

Perspiring is one of the ways your body regulates its internal temperature. If you didn’t perspire, you would experience hyperthermia  — or overheating — and could suffer life-threatening shock. In humans, sweat comes from two different kinds of glands — apocrine and eccrine glands. Eccrine glands are scattered all over your body, opening directly onto your skin’s surface. Clustered around hair follicles, apocrine glands are found mostly in your groin area and armpits. When activated, apocrine sweat glands release a liquid that is odorless by itself. However. when it interacts with bacteria living on your skin, it develops an unpleasant odor.

Antiperspirants and Possible Allergic Reactions

Another reason to consider Precision TX™ is the presence of aluminum chloride in antiperspirants. Established years ago as a possible neurotoxin, aluminum chloride is FDA-regulated. The FDA requires all OTC deodorants incorporate no more than 25 percent aluminum chloride in its formula and expects all antiperspirants decrease sweat output by more than 20 percent or risk recall.

Deodorant side effects range from itching and dry skin to contact dermatitis and recurring boils. In some people, severe dermatological conditions arise due to allergic reactions to aluminum chloride, such as swelling of the face, throat and tongue, difficulty breathing and dizziness. Allergic reactions can happen at any time as well, even if you have used deodorants for years.

Learn more about Precision TX™, the revolutionary, excessive sweating laser treatment in Bakersfield, CA now available, by calling Synergy Wellness Center today: 661-878-9100

Is Precision TX™ Right for Me?

If you suffer from underarm hyperhydrosis severe enough to cause social anxiety, are constantly throwing away clothing stained by excessive perspiration or do not want to be subjected to chronic skin irritations produced by harsh antiperspirants, you are likely a good candidate for excessive perspiration treatment in Bakersfield, CA. Call Synergy Wellness today to schedule a consultation appointment.

Are There Any Side Effects of Precision TX™

Similar to other minimally invasive procedures, you may sense light pressure in your underarm area as the laser device destroys sweat glands. Any soreness or swelling affecting the treated area after a Precision TX™ session resolves quickly. You will be able to continue with your daily activities within 24 to 48 hours following treatment.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Since Precision TX™ destroys sweat glands, results are permanent. In most cases, clients opting for laser ablation of apocrine glands report a 90 percent reduction of underarm sweating following one treatment*.

How Long Does a Precision TX™ Treatment Last?

Performed at Synergy Wellness, this state-of-the-art, excessive sweating treatment in Bakersfield, CA takes about one hour to remove sweat glands in both armpits.

How Does Precision TX™ Work to Treat Excessive Underarm Sweating?

By delivering controlled amounts of laser energy to underarm sweat glands and hair follicles, Precision TX™ thoroughly ablates (removes) sweat glands quickly and safely. Before starting the procedure, your doctor will numb your underarms using local anesthetics. After making a small incision, he will use a thermally-controlled, SideLight™ cannula laser tool to ablate overactive apocrine glands.

From the Makers of SmartLipo™–Precision TX™ for Underarm Hyperhydrosis

Synergy Wellness is now excited to offer a revolutionary hyperhidrosis treatment in Bakersfield, CA called Precision TX™, a minimally invasive laser energy treatment targeting and ablating sweat gland functioning to help eliminate excessive armpit perspiration. A one-time treatment offering lasting, immediate results, Precision TX™ has given hyperhydrosis sufferers their life back. No more embarrassing sweat stains, no more worrying about underarm odor and no more spending hundreds of dollars on ineffective, skin-irritating antiperspirants*.

What is Armpit Hyperhydrosis?

For people with axillary hyperhydrosis, or excessive armpit sweating, antiperspirants may reduce odor intensity but do nothing to reduce the amount sweat secreted by apocrine glands. Associated with unusual over-activity of your sympathetic nervous system, armpit hyperdyrosis can occur when you are calm or anxious, physically inactive or active and even when you are sleeping.

Although hyperhydrosis does not present medical concerns, it is embarrassing and often socially debilitating. In addition, excessive armpit sweat stains clothes permanently and does not respond to any type of antiperspirant. You can buy armpit pads to soak up perspiration but they are uncomfortable, expensive and carry the risk of falling off at the worst of times.

A few years ago, researchers discovered that Botox provides some relief from hyperhydrosis. However Botox for hyperhydrosis requires a series of injections that may reduce sweating for only about four to five months. After that you will need to start injections all over again.


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