Reasons People Fail to Overcome Addiction

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Jan Trobisch

Jan Trobisch

Reasons People Fail to Overcome Addiction Woman Struggling With Addiction

Why don’t people want to quit drugs? Most times it’s not a question of want. It’s a question of will. Addiction is a disease that impact’s a person’s willpower and decision-making skills.

While using drug and alcohol is a voluntary act, there are several reasons people fail to overcome their substance abuse. Understanding these reasons empowers people to take the right steps to conquer their addiction. Only then can they enter a life of sobriety without relapse.


Commitment is the most important part of recovery. It requires:

  • Honesty
  • Hard work
  • Openness

For many addicts, nothing is more terrifying than those three cornerstones. They’d have to explore their thoughts and feelings with others. Some see doing so as a sign of weakness. Others are afraid of rejection. This fear to commit and confrontation is one of the main reasons that people don’t overcome drug or alcohol addiction, regardless of how much they’d like to.

Addicts should never be afraid to ask for help. Vocalizing their thoughts and feelings with others is an important step toward controlling their addiction; when they can learn to speak up about their issues, they’ll be in a much better place to recover.

Triggers and Stress

Other people and situations aren’t to blame for another’s addiction. However, they can contribute to a relapse. A partner who enables an addict’s substance abuse (through abusive actions, or even by being an addict themselves) is one reason some people don’t beat drug addiction. Returning to a high-stress workplace environment is another.

Recovery means acknowledging that you have a problem. But it also means recognizing the triggers and stresses that influence that problem. Addicts who fail to make the lifestyle changes necessary for their sobriety, such as failing to avoid these triggers, often fail to overcome their substance abuse.

Failure to Attend Support Programs

No one can recover from addiction on their own. Recovery means finding the support and tools necessary for sobriety. Not attending support groups or therapy sessions robs an addict of those resources, which is another common cause of some people’s failure to overcome addiction. Regularly attending therapy and treatment programs is essential to rebuilding a healthy, sober life. These programs help minimize the chances of relapse.

There Is Hope

Synergy Recovery Services offers an addiction treatment program tailored to the individual and their drug history. Using a combination of medications and counseling, our discreet programs treat the person behind the disease with respect and dignity.

Contact our offices by calling 661-878-9930 or scheduling an appointment online. Our comprehensive addiction treatment program can help you get your life back on track, starting today.

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