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Naltrexone Treatment in Bakersfield, CA

According to public records, 11 people die each day due to drug-related accidents and incidents in California alone. Out of every 10 car accidents, three are attributed to drug use. More than 40,000 emergency room visits each year are blamed on drug addiction.

Also, more than 78% of the road accidents in California are traced back to alcohol consumption, where either the victim or the perpetrator had been under the influence at the time of the accident. Plus, at least 8% of adults in The Golden State are dependent on alcohol.

If you are struggling with drug addiction, these are the statistics your loved ones have to live with every day as they worry about your health and wellness.

Drug and alcohol addiction are serious and often severe conditions that will require professional intervention if you’re to regain control over your life. This means you’ll need to seek out the help you need when you’re ready to get better.

At Synergy Recovery Services, we understand how crippling a drug or alcohol addiction can be. We also know the recovery process is just as hard as stopping the habit. That’s why we’ve introduced Naltrexone treatment in Bakersfield, CA as a potential solution to drug and alcohol dependence for eligible clients in the area.

Traci's Story

Traci was battling opioid painkiller addiction before starting treatment at Synergy Recovery Services. She eventually received a Naltrexone implant and feels amazing. The naltrexone implant enables her to be herself again by taking care of cravings and it makes it virtually impossible for her to relapse.


What Is Naltrexone?

Naltrexone is a prescription drug that blocks the opioid receptors in your brain responsible for the pleasure effects of alcohol and opioids — such as heroin and opioid painkillers. It’s one of the most effective medications that can be used as a part of your pharmacotherapy since it blocks the pleasure effects of alcohol and opioids.

How Does Naltrexone Work?

When you’re started on a Naltrexone prescription, you can’t get high from heroin or any other opioid. In addition, Naltrexone works for alcohol dependence by blocking the “reward” effect of alcohol. The expected result is that you’ll stop taking alcohol and opioids altogether, since they no longer serve their intended purpose.

Additionally, Naltrexone diminishes alcohol or drug cravings that could result in a relapse.

What Are the Benefits of Using Naltrexone?

Most patients who use Naltrexone notice a significantly reduced desire to drink alcohol or use opioid drugs. This is because their brain no longer responds to the alcohol or opioid drugs as it used to.

Thus, when used correctly, Naltrexone can help a patient to completely stop drinking or using opioid drugs.

What Are the Potential Side Effects?

Like most medication, Naltrexone has a few side effects. However, they’re likely to go away after a few days as your body gets used to the medication.

These side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Runny nose

In severe cases, patients may experience side effects like constipation, chills and depression. When the dosage is too high, liver damage may occur. Patients are also advised to see a doctor if they experience yellowing of the skin while on the drug.

Forms of Naltrexone

When you’re cleared to use Naltrexone as part of your alcohol or opioid addiction treatment, you’ll have three options depending on your level of commitment:

  • Naltrexone Tablets (Revia) – The tablets are for daily use, making them more demanding than other treatment forms in terms of your commitment.
  • Naltrexone Depot Injections (Vivitrol) – Administered monthly, injections are quite convenient and relatively easy to commit to.
  • Naltrexone Implants – This form of medication can last up to one year.

At Synergy Recovery Services we offer all three forms of Naltrexone: tablets, depot injections and implants.

How Effective Is Naltrexone for the Treatment of Alcohol or Opiate Addiction?

Despite the risks, Naltrexone is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for alcohol and opioid dependence. When you start taking Naltrexone, you cannot get high on alcohol, heroin or any other opioid. Therefore, alcohol or opioids become ineffective, which then teaches your brain to start living without them.

The challenge, however, is in qualifying for this treatment. Naltrexone does not mix well with other drugs, and the risk of overdose is far too high if you go back to opioids during or after the treatment.

That’s why we try to ensure that only patients who are committed to their recovery receive Naltrexone prescriptions, injections or the implant. We expect strong results, but only if you play your part while on this treatment as well as after.

What Happens After Treatment With Naltrexone?

When you complete your Naltrexone treatment, your brain can respond to opioids and alcohol again. This is because the Naltrexone will leave your system clean and your tolerance for these substances will be very low. Thus, you can’t go back to using opioids or alcohol without risking an overdose.

However, we understand that chemically treating your alcohol or opioid addiction with Naltrexone may not be enough to keep you away from alcohol or drugs in the future. We recommend and offer a complete supportive program that incorporates counseling and lifestyle change recommendations to keep you on the road to recovery after your treatment.

Your Lifelong Recovery Begins Here

Dependence on alcohol and opioids does not just impact your life. It also affects the lives of your loved ones.

At Synergy Recovery Services, we’ll give you the help you need to regain control over your life. Your health and happiness are our priority. Take the first step to discovering the best version of yourself and call us today at 661-878-9930.

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