Age Management Therapy with Bioidentical Hormones

Age Management
Jan Trobisch

Jan Trobisch

Age Management Therapy

Age management therapy with bioidentical hormones was created to help women properly manage their hormones. A woman is at the mercy of her hormones from the time she is a young girl and gets her very first period. The majority of women experience a lot of ups and downs due to their menstrual cycles. The situation often becomes even worse when a woman is pregnant.

The hormonal cycle continues when the woman nears menopause, but the changes in the body become much more severe at this time. The reason is the reproductive system of the woman is getting ready to shut down. The result is often significant changes in the levels of the hormones. This can lead to numerous troublesome symptoms. These symptoms are the reason age management therapy with bioidentical hormones was created and it provides a wide variety of benefits.

Age management therapy was created to supplement your decreasing hormone levels. The hormones that will cause you the most significant symptoms are progesterone and estrogen. If either of these hormones begin to decrease, the impact can play havoc with your body. The most noticeable symptoms are caused by a drop in your estrogen level. You may notice your energy seems to have disappeared and experience constant fatigue. Your libido may become despondent and you can become extremely uncomfortable due to vaginal changes.

Your moods may become unstable and prone to constant changes and you may experience either night sweats or uncomfortable hot flashes. During this period of time, you may also be affected by insomnia. One of the most common symptoms is an unexpected weight gain. When you decide to choose age management therapy with bioidentical hormones, you can bring your hormones back to the proper levels. Once you have balanced your hormones, you should see your symptoms improving and be able to control your body again.

The Reasons for Choosing Age Management Therapy

The therapy starts when you are prescribed a specific dose of hormones. These hormones are similar to what is naturally found in your body. Bioidentical hormones are derived from natural sources including yams and soybeans. This means your body can absorb them much more easily than other kinds of replacement therapies.

It is very important to make certain your symptoms are not being caused by another medical issue such as a problem regarding your heart, high blood pressure or a thyroid condition. If your symptoms are being caused by your hormones, you will most likely be a candidate for age management therapy with bioidentical hormones. It is important to realize your symptoms can increase in severity as time passes. At Synergy Wellness Center in Bakersfield, CA we also offer bioidentical hormones for men dealing with issues related to hormone imbalances. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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