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Why Everyone in Bakersfield is Excited About Hormone Replacement

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Originally published March 6, 2019. Last updated September 22, 2023.

Hormone Replacement

Age affects everyone. Even those in Bakersfield are subject to its unpleasant side effects. While researchers are honing in on telomeres in your genetic structure as a key reason behind aging, there is another factor that may be making you feel less than your best. Your hormones perform roles in your body far more than just merely determining what your biological sex is as a baby. They also are responsible for a period known as puberty in your teenage years. Beyond that, they may even be the reason for your thinning hair and weight gain. A hormone imbalance could be speeding up the aging process in your body. The solution that you need to consider in Bakersfield is hormone replacement. We will discuss hormone imbalances and how hormone replacement should be something that you consider.

A Hormone Imbalance for Women

Hormones exist in every human being. As such, when there’s an imbalance, it doesn’t discriminate whether you’re a man or woman. Each is negatively affected by an imbalance. The severity of that effect, however, is usually up to your personal health and your genetics. Some people manage to live with their imbalance without noticing much of a change. This may be because they’re actually receiving additional hormones elsewhere in their diet or through a medication without realizing it. Or they may just have extremely potent genetics in certain areas that limit the brunt of the effect that the imbalance has.

The majority of women, however, are going to feel the effects of their hormone imbalance. These typically are attributed to menopause. Once women reach a certain age, their body no longer needs to spend energy trying to have a baby. The peak of the body’s fertility has passed. Hormones start to decrease in production which, in turn, decreases fertility.

Think about puberty. You probably had a bit–or a lot–of acne. Menstruation is probably the biggest aspect of puberty that you remember. Much like puberty, menopause is a time in your life when your body swings the other way. Instead of opening up to fertility, it’s shutting down. Much like the symptoms you faced during menstruation and puberty, you’ll also be faced with symptoms during menopause.

What are some of these symptoms? Since there will be a higher level of testosterone in your body than previously, you’re likely going to experience an increase in aggression. How much aggression is relative to the individual. These are sometimes called mood swings. You may feel perfectly at peace one moment and then suddenly find yourself irritated for seemingly no justifiable reason. Until your body becomes used to the presence of an elevated supply of testosterone in your body, these mood swings will be present.

Another symptom that women commonly face with a hormone imbalance is hot flashes. These are periods in which your body temperature suddenly spikes and you start to feel warm or even sweat. They can come out of nowhere. With hot flashes, you’ll also typically experience night sweats. While you may not realize you’re sweating until you wake, other women may become so hot while they sleep that they are forced to wake up. Again, this is likely due to the increased presence of testosterone in the body. It tends to make the body warmer.

If sleeping wasn’t hard enough with night sweats and hot flashes, then you can also expect insomnia. In general, women with a hormone imbalance find it more difficult to fall asleep. This certainly isn’t going to help mood swings and feelings of aggression either.

In terms of physical changes that you can see, hormone imbalances can make it so that it is easier to gain weight. Hormones play an important role in the regulation of your metabolism. Without a healthy presence of those hormones in your body, your metabolism starts to become sluggish. As a result, you have a difficult time losing weight but a much easier time gaining weight. Considering that it’s more important than ever to stay at a healthy weight and fend off the risk of developing diabetes and other obesity-related diseases when you’re older, this weight gain can be quite problematic.

Another physical change that you might also notice is thinning hair. While it isn’t uncommon to lose some hair as you grow older, or even just in general, a hormone imbalance can make you lose a lot of hair and quickly. Understandably, women may feel quite self-conscious about the bald spots appearing on their scalp. You may find yourself wearing more hats or refusing to go out in public all that much anymore. A hormone imbalance can severely injure your social life if you become self-conscious about the way that you look.

A hormone imbalance can also affect your sex life. Menopause typically makes a woman experience vaginal dryness. It may be more difficult to become aroused or for your body to produce the effects of arousal. This can make sexual intercourse both painful and uncomfortable. As a result, you may want to do it less. Some women even report a problem with incontinence.

Clearly, a hormone imbalance can cause a lot of problems in women. It can completely alter your lifestyle. Luckily, a solution can be found with hormone replacement in Bakersfield.

A Hormone Imbalance for Men

Hormone imbalances don’t spare men either. Perhaps you quite enjoyed the sudden influx of hormones when you were younger. Testosterone made you strong. It helped you develop muscle, shred fat, and even started helping you grow that facial hair you’ve always wanted. In terms of your sex drive, testosterone was your best friend.

Now that you’ve become older, however, the other shoe is dropping. The level of testosterone in your blood is decreasing. As a result, you’re likely experiencing quite a few symptoms of what is known as andropause. It’s similar to menopause in women except specifically geared towards men. There are certain changes that you may notice or go through as you become older.

Because testosterone plays such an important role in the development of muscle, one of the first changes that you’re going to notice is a decrease in muscle mass. It may happen over a series of months and years, or it may happen in just a matter of days. It all depends on how fit you are and how severe the imbalance is.

If that wasn’t bad enough, instead of being able to gain muscle easily, you’re actually going to find yourself gaining weight far easier instead. That muscle you worked so hard to develop is going to turn into flabby fat. Understandably, men who keep themselves at a certain level of fitness are going to be quite distraught at the sudden increase of mass in their tummy and thighs. You may even start to become depressed over your body image. Clearly, a hormone imbalance can affect you both physically and emotionally.

With a decrease in testosterone in their body, men can also become more emotional. Instead of being calm or even aggressive, they’re more likely to become softer and emotional over matters. For men who develop depression and anxiety during their andropause, their emotions could be even more profound and severe.

Similar to women, men will also face thinning hair. Their hairline typically recedes and may fall out over time. Since many men attribute the health of their hair to their vitality, it’s understandable if you become quite emotional over this sudden loss.

Men are also subject to changes in their sex drive. For one, they may just have a lack in their drive entirely. This is because your body is no longer pushing you to reproduce. Along with just the motivation to have sex, men may also experience difficulty in performing. Erectile dysfunction is typically associated with a hormone imbalance. Understandably, this can be a cause of great embarrassment for anyone. To ensure that it doesn’t happen to you, looking for hormone replacement therapy in Fresno & Bakersfield may be the best solution.

Hormone Replacement

Clearly, a hormone imbalance is nothing to joke about or take lightly. It can speed up the other symptoms of aging and make life more difficult just in itself. Men and women who are experiencing, or who will experience, a hormone imbalance should look to hormone replacement in Fresno & Bakersfield for relief.

Hormone replacement is exactly how it sounds. Hormones are re-introduced to your body. For women, you may receive a replacement with your estrogen. For men, it may be testosterone. The dosage that you receive is dependent upon how much of the hormone you need in order to return to the same level that it was before.

To quantify this, doctors typically take a sample of your blood. They examine what is healthy and normal for a man or woman before their hormones started to decrease. Understandably, you will need to have blood tests performed to ensure that your levels are exactly where they need to be. The benefits of hormone replacement, however, cannot be unmatched.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement

So, why is everyone in Bakersfield excited about hormone replacement? Essentially, because it allows them to return to the life that they knew before menopause and andropause reared their ugly heads. For women, hormone replacement therapy can help them keep the weight off. It can also curb some of the unpleasant side effects of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and mood swings. It can also reduce the amount of vaginal dryness that they experience and help them keep their sex life alive.

In men, they’ll be able to maintain their muscle mass a lot easier. Through simple working out, they can stave off weight gain and keep themselves fit. Their sex drive, too, should remain about the same as it was. Some men have even reported an increase in their sex drive because of the fresh testosterone flowing in their body. Men will also likely notice a slight increase in their energy levels. This is because the additional presence of testosterone ensures that their metabolism is operating at peak efficiency.

Get Started Today

If you believe that you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance, then you should reach out to our team at Synergy Wellness Center in Bakersfield. You deserve to live life how you want without an imbalance getting in the way. Our team is prepared to see you through every step of the process until you’re feeling back to your best self. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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