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Jan Trobisch

Jan Trobisch

Male breast reduction

Enlarged male breasts is a condition known a gynecomastia. A surprisingly common condition, gynecomastia has been a cause of embarrassment for thousands of men who find that they can no longer wear clothes that they want to wear, engage in the sports or other activities that they find pleasurable or even take their shirt off at the pool or beach. The good news is that male breast reduction is now available to these men.

The Consultation

The patient needs to have a consultation with their general physician before they have a consultation with their plastic surgery. This is because gynecomastia can have several causes and might be able to be reversed without surgery. It can happen because the person is taking certain drugs or has a medical condition. The doctor will need to order tests to discover the root cause of the gynecomastia.

If male breast reduction surgery is decided on to remove the gynecomastia, the plastic surgeon may tell the patient that they will need to lose weight or stop any drugs that can be contributing to their condition. Besides this, the patient needs to be healthy and have supple skin that can adapt to the new contours of the body. The doctor examines the breasts and determines whether they result from too much fatty tissue or glandular tissue. The male breast reduction surgeries for both of them are different.


During the procedure, the surgeon makes a tiny opening in the breast and removes the fat and/or any excess glandular tissue. The size of the areola may also be reduced and the nipple repositioned for a more natural appearance. This is a permanent solution to gynecomastia and a highly championed avenue for those looking to achieve a more masculine physique.

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