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Gynecomastia Cure Surgery: A Real Life Saver for All Men

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes male breast to swell due to a hormone imbalance. More than 200,000 men are diagnosed with this condition each year that results in a somewhat feminine profile and makes many men feel self-conscious. Gynecomastia affects men on much more than a physical level. The social stigma attached to gynecomastia is psychologically damaging.

Gynecomastia is a genetic trait, and diet control and exercise may not relieve this problem. In this condition, male breasts, which are usually underdeveloped and small, swell and become abnormally large. Gynecomastia doesn’t mean being overweight or having extra fat on your chest. It is caused by additional breast tissue production by the body. Enlarged breasts in men mostly affects boys during puberty and middle-aged men. The condition can increase with age.

Signs and Symptoms for Gynecomastia

Although gynecomastia is not a serious health hazard, it can cause embarrassment and significant loss of self-confidence. This ultimately leads the patient to notable deficits in social functioning, general health, eating behaviors, attitude and self-esteem. Symptoms for gynecomastia include tenderness and swelling in the breast gland tissue of one or both breasts. The areola — pigmented skin surrounding the nipple — may increase in diameter, and the chest tissue may appear asymmetrical.

Causes & Treatment for Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is caused by an imbalance between the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. All males have both hormones, but the testosterone proportion is usually high in males. Higher production of estrogen in men’s bodies results in gynecomastia abnormality. Gynecomastia normally resolves with surgery. Having a surgical removal of enlarged male breasts will resolve the problem of gynecomastia permanently. The surgical process for male breast reduction includes the removal of excessive male breast tissue from the patient.

Benefits of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Surgery can resolve gynecomastia almost instantly. It will allow you to engage in social interactions more confidently because of your new body profile. Male breast reduction surgery gives you the much-needed confidence to stay fit and take pride in your body.

After male breast reduction surgery, which removes the excess fatty tissue from the chest, men can enjoy a flatter chest with a masculine figure.

Having an abnormal chest affects body posture dramatically. Surgery for enlarged male breasts can help promote a better body posture to increase the core strength of a man’s body. It even helps patients feel more comfortable to engage in different physical activities, like swimming and working out at the gym.

Experienced Male Breast Reduction Surgeons in Bakersfield, CA

Suffering from gynecomastia? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Synergy has a team of the most experienced and certified surgeons to provide you with the cure for gynecomastia in Bakersfield, CA. To get more details on gynecomastia treatment in Bakersfield, CA and to schedule a consultation with our experts, give us a call now.


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