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A decade or two ago, cosmetic surgery was assumed to be a thing for women. This is no longer the case however, as men have started showing greater interest in cosmetic surgeries and are going for it even more frequently than women. Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure among both men and women to achieve their aesthetic goals. Patients can benefit physically as well as mentally from liposuction.

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Watch Brandi getting her Smartlipo procedure done by Dr. Trobisch at Synergy. This new procedure will help you to get rid of unwanted fat and tighten your skin.


Best Male Liposuction Consultants in Bakersfield, CA

Liposuction has generally been one of the safest and most effective unwanted fat-removal procedures for men, especially if it’s done by a qualified and experienced medical professional. At Synergy, we provide professional liposuction for men in Bakersfield, CA. We have a great reputation for serving the highest standard laser fat removal for men in Bakersfield, CA with a budget-suited price. Get in touch with us today for a consultation and to learn how Smart Lipo can benefit you.

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Introduction to Liposuction for Men

Widely used as an easy and effective process to remove unwanted body fat, laser fat removal, better known as liposuction, is now a popular body-sculpting cosmetic surgery process used by men.

This surgical process includes fat removal in certain areas of your body using suction. Doctors insert the cannula, a small, thin tube with blunted tips, through small incisions in the skin to suction fat under the skin. The whole process can be further assisted by laser to liquefy the fat before it is suctioned out.

Liposuction is used to reshape certain areas of a man’s body. It especially targets stubborn areas that don’t respond well to exercise and diet. The process can be applied on most body parts — such as the abdomen, chest (male breasts), belly, thighs, neck, arms, chin and back — where stubborn fat exists. It permanently removes fat cells from the body, altering your body shape to a slimmer and fitter look.

The Benefits of Smart Lipo for Men

Laser-assisted Smart Lipo is a less invasive form of liposuction that can be done under local anesthesia. The laser used before liposuction improves the results, helps to reduce bruising and shortens the healing time. Either Smart Lipo or liposuction can have benefits for men, including:

  • Liposuction can greatly enhance the contour and shape of a man’s body.
  • Liposuction for men’s chests can help gynecomastia sufferers, removing the excessive amount of fatty breast tissue.
  • The use of liposuction for a man’s belly can improve the overall appearance of the upper body for individuals who previously had a gastric bypass procedure or gastric band, resulting in excess skin abnormalities.
  • It can help treat lipodystrophy syndrome, which is caused by a fat metabolism disturbance in the man’s body area with excessive fat.
  • The effects of liposuction for men are long lasting, so long as the patient doesn’t put weight on after the procedure.
  • The process can treat excessive sweating for men’s armpit areas, as well as for thighs, the back and the chest.
  • The results are immediate, so you don’t have to wait weeks or months to enhance your body’s appearance.
  • Liposuction influences men positively to adopt better habits, such as good diet and exercise, as it must be maintained for the results of Smart Lipo to be permanent.
  • It can improve overall well-being by successfully smoothing out those stubborn fat bulges and improving the body’s profile.

Smart Lipo can be a beneficial part of a weight loss and exercise routine, reinforcing the positive results of good healthy habits.

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