Medical Aesthetics

Experience the newest in medical aesthetics at Synergy Wellness Center

Here at Synergy Wellness we hold a high standard for helping each one of our patients look and feel their best. That is why, we offer a variety of personalized Aesthetician services tailored to your specific skin care needs and desires.

Treatment Options

Our specialized Aesthetician services include :


Everyone wants to achieve clear and healthy skin. However, a daily skincare routine is not always effective at diminishing trapped oil and and sweat from within. A facial is a relaxing way to deeply cleanse and nourish your skin for a vibrant and healthy complexion. Our rejuvenating facials are performed in the comfort of our office by one of our highly experienced estheticians. These personalized treatments work to eliminate harmful debris and bacteria from deep within and pores – while purifying the surface of your skin. With a revitalizing facial, you can achieve a vibrant and renewed complexion!

Chemical Peels

The natural aging process and constant sun exposure overtime can lead to the development of aging signs and complexion flaws. Chemical peels are the perfect solution for smoothing away damaged and uneven texture on the surface of skin – to unleash your skin’s naturally beautiful potential. Chemical peels are performed through the use of a unique solution that works to lift the top layer of damaged tissue – revealing a new and healthy layer of skin that is firm and glowing. Chemical peels are personalized and tailored to your specific skin needs and desires. With a renewing chemical peel, you can hit the restart button on the appearance of your skin!


Many patients are unsatisfied with the appearance of excessive or unwanted hair growth. Personalized waxing treatments are an effective remedy designed to instantly eliminate unwanted hair for smooth and soft skin. If you are searching for a solution for reclaiming the endless time and money spent on maintaining excessive or unwanted hair, our professional waxing treatments can offer you a quick solution for achieving beach-ready skin all year long.


Dermasweep technology sets a new standard for micro-resurfacing treatments. This Innovative technique offers customizable treatments for diminishing skin damage and imperfections – unveiling a radiant and smooth complexion. Treatments work by gently lifting and smoothing away the top layer dead skin tissue – while increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage for optimal oxygenation. The new layer of healthy skin is more accepting of revitalizing skin nutrients – which are infused with cutting-edge ingredients designed to target and correct a variety of skin concerns. With this ultra-renewing remedy, you can achieve visible results for radiantly beautiful skin!

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Don’t allow skin imperfections to change the way you feel about your complexion any longer. Experience the renewing benefits of our professional Aesthetician Services, and achieve clear and healthy skin that you will love. Reach out to the experts here at Synergy Wellness Center to learn more. Contact us today and schedule your consultation towards a rejuvenated complexion.

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