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PRP Therapy for Hair Growth Bakersfield, CA

Treat yourself to renewed hair growth with PRP therapy. Platelet-rich plasma treatments, or PRP, have been around for years, supplying a variety of benefits in the fields of orthopedics, dentistry and more. However, in recent years, PRP has been used for more cosmetic applications including the famed “vampire facial,” so named because it uses your own blood to give a youthful, glowing complexion. The idea is that the growth factors found in PRP treatments can be utilized to facilitate the growth of new cells and tissue.

Now, this exciting technique can be applied to hair growth. When you receive PRP therapy for hair growth at Synergy Wellness Center, you could experience rejuvenated hair follicles and increasingly thick hair. This is great news for men who struggle with hair loss or thinning hair. PRP therapy could be the treatment you need to invigorate your look and boost your confidence.

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Who Would Benefit From PRP Hair Growth Injections?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is filled with growth factors that both stimulates the activity of the hair follicles and promotes new hair growth. Because of this, PRP treatments can be used by men in need of hair restoration. There are many causes for thinning hair, but PRP hair growth injections can be used by anyone who wishes to promote new hair growth and increase their hair’s thickness.

How Does PRP Therapy Work for Hair Growth?

Plasma is made up of both white blood cells and platelets. It’s also rich in growth factors that signal cells to function. When a patient receives a PRP injection, you can expect a three-step process:

  1. Your blood is drawn and processed to create the PRP injection.
  2. A centrifuge is used to separate your plasma so that we can draw the platelet-rich plasma from it.
  3. The PRP is put into a syringe which is then injected into the scalp into areas you wish to experience increased hair growth.

PRP treatments are done within our office at Synergy Wellness Center, and the process generally takes less than a half hour. Once the procedure is complete, you can leave and go about your day. Your PRP hair growth therapy may require up to three visits at Synergy, four to six weeks apart. You may also need maintenance treatments every four to six months.

Who Is an Eligible Candidate?

If you have experienced hair loss, then you are a good candidate for PRP hair growth therapy. However, the procedure seems to work best on those with early hair loss. There are many different types of hair loss, and PRP has a higher success rate among those with androgenic alopecia — thinning hair that occurs along the top of the head.

Things to Know Before Getting a PRP Treatment

Although PRP treatments involve the use of injections, there are very few risks associated with this therapy. The needles cause minimal discomfort, and most patients undergo the procedure without the use of any numbing agents. After it’s complete, ice packs and acetaminophen are great for minimizing discomfort. Bruising can occur but will resolve on its own in a week or two.

Some patients need downtime after the procedure, but this is not always necessary. A warm shower is recommended as it increases circulation throughout the scalp. You will also need to forgo your usual hair maintenance for a day or two, including coloring, processing and blow drying your hair.

In extremely rare circumstances, complications can arise, such as injury to nerves or blood vessels, infection and the formation of scar tissue.

Experience PRP Therapy for Hair Growth at Synergy Wellness Center

If you live in Bakersfield, CA or nearby, we invite you to learn more about the exciting benefits of PRP treatments for hair growth. For men struggling with hair loss, this could provide you with an option to reverse this process giving you a boost of confidence. Make your appointment with Synergy to learn more about PRP hair treatments.

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