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Naltrexone (Opioids & Alcohol)

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Naltrexone Treatment in Bakersfield, CA

According to public records, 11 people die each day due to drug-related accidents and incidents in California alone. Out of every 10 car accidents, three are attributed to drug use. More than 40,000 emergency room visits each year are blamed on drug addiction. Also, more than 78% of the road accidents in California are traced back to alcohol consumption, where either the victim or the perpetrator had been under the influence at the time of the accident. Plus, at least 8% of adults in The Golden State are dependent on alcohol. If you are struggling with drug addiction, these are the statistics your loved ones have to live with every day as they worry about your health and wellness. Drug and alcohol addiction are serious and often severe conditions that will require professional intervention if you’re to regain control over your life. This means you’ll need to seek out the help you need when you’re ready to get better.

At Synergy Recovery Services, we understand how crippling a drug or alcohol addiction can be. We also know the recovery process is just as hard as stopping the habit. That’s why we’ve introduced Naltrexone treatment in Bakersfield, CA as a potential solution to drug and alcohol dependence for eligible clients in the area.

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Traci’s Story

Traci was battling opioid painkiller addiction before starting treatment at Synergy Recovery Services. She eventually received a Naltrexone implant and feels amazing. The naltrexone implant enables her to be herself again by taking care of cravings and it makes it virtually impossible for her to relapse.

What Is Naltrexone?

Naltrexone is a prescription drug that blocks the opioid receptors in your brain responsible for the pleasure effects of alcohol and opioids — such as heroin and opioid painkillers. It’s one of the most effective medications that can be used as a part of your pharmacotherapy since it blocks the pleasure effects of alcohol and opioids.

How Does Naltrexone Work?

When you’re started on a Naltrexone prescription, you can’t get high from heroin or any other opioid. In addition, Naltrexone works for alcohol dependence by blocking the “reward” effect of alcohol. The expected result is that you’ll stop taking alcohol and opioids altogether, since they no longer serve their intended purpose.

Additionally, Naltrexone diminishes alcohol or drug cravings that could result in a relapse.

What Are the Benefits of Using Naltrexone?

Most patients who use Naltrexone notice a significantly reduced desire to drink alcohol or use opioid drugs. This is because their brain no longer responds to the alcohol or opioid drugs as it used to.

Thus, when used correctly, Naltrexone can help a patient to completely stop drinking or using opioid drugs.

What Are the Potential Side Effects?

Like most medication, Naltrexone has a few side effects. However, they’re likely to go away after a few days as your body gets used to the medication.

These side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Runny nose

In severe cases, patients may experience side effects like constipation, chills and depression. When the dosage is too high, liver damage may occur. Patients are also advised to see a doctor if they experience yellowing of the skin while on the drug.

Forms of Naltrexone

When you’re cleared to use Naltrexone as part of your alcohol or opioid addiction treatment, you’ll have three options depending on your level of commitment:

  • Naltrexone Tablets (Revia) – The tablets are for daily use, making them more demanding than other treatment forms in terms of your commitment.
  • Naltrexone Depot Injections (Vivitrol) – Administered monthly, injections are quite convenient and relatively easy to commit to.
  • Naltrexone Implants – This form of medication can last up to six months.

At Synergy Recovery Services we offer all three forms of Naltrexone: tablets, depot injections and implants.

How Effective Is Naltrexone for the Treatment of Alcohol or Opiate Addiction?

Despite the risks, Naltrexone is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for alcohol and opioid dependence. When you start taking Naltrexone, you cannot get high on alcohol, heroin or any other opioid. Therefore, alcohol or opioids become ineffective, which then teaches your brain to start living without them.

The challenge, however, is in qualifying for this treatment. Naltrexone does not mix well with other drugs, and the risk of overdose is far too high if you go back to opioids during or after the treatment.

That’s why we try to ensure that only patients who are committed to their recovery receive Naltrexone prescriptions, injections or the implant. We expect strong results, but only if you play your part while on this treatment as well as after.

What Happens After Treatment With Naltrexone?

When you complete your Naltrexone treatment, your brain can respond to opioids and alcohol again. This is because the Naltrexone will leave your system clean and your tolerance for these substances will be very low. Thus, you can’t go back to using opioids or alcohol without risking an overdose.

However, we understand that chemically treating your alcohol or opioid addiction with Naltrexone may not be enough to keep you away from alcohol or drugs in the future. We recommend and offer a complete supportive program that incorporates counseling and lifestyle change recommendations to keep you on the road to recovery after your treatment.

Your Lifelong Recovery Begins Here

Dependence on alcohol and opioids does not just impact your life. It also affects the lives of your loved ones.

At Synergy Recovery Services, we’ll give you the help you need to regain control over your life. Your health and happiness are our priority. Take the first step to discovering the best version of yourself and call us today at 661-878-9930 or contact us online.

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Josh S.

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Jacob O.

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Tim K.

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Hillary and Mal are two of the best. I love all the friendly staff and excellent service at Synergy. I wouldn’t have my procedures anywhere else.

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Isabel C.

From the moment I walked in, to the moment I was leaving the staff was super friendly and helpful! Even with masks on you can see they’re smiling.
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Violet G.

Highly recommend synergy! Staff is super friendly, and down to earth. They are very helpful!
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Becky S.

Great experience, very helpful in the information that is given to me and all the staff was very friendly 😊
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Brittney D.

Excellent facility and staff provided very warm welcome and they are very organized and helpful to guide my specific health goals. I’ll definitely recommend to someone who needs to improve current health conditions.
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Deven Y.

Friendly and professional staff. Great services. Variety of appointment times available.
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Lisa G.

All the providers are very knowledgeable and professional. They really take an interest in your personal goals and the follow through and accountability is awesome. The office is clean and modern. Staff are friendly and nice. Everything is very efficiently ran.
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So far so good. Everyone was friendly from the first person I encountered to the very last. No one seemed pushy and I didn’t feel pressure into buying any additional services. (But i may use more later) I’ll give another review later when I learn more.
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The staff is friendly and professional. The facility is clean. I am eager to try out many of their services!
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Love coming here. They communicate effectively whether it’s by email, text, or phone. I’ll definitely be coming for more!
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I love this place. They make you feel very comfortable. They are absolute professionals in every aspect. I highly recommend to everyone. Also, it’s very easy to schedule an appointment.
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Beautiful office,and very very comfortable. They have lots of different services other then weight lose. They do Botox, threading, so much more. All the girls up front are always so sweet and welcoming. The drs are great and will sit and take the time to answers any questions you may …
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Ashley M.

Everyone at Synergy was so nice and so helpful. Great experience, great services and wonderful staff.
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Kim B.

The doctor is super nice and welcoming, so is the staff! I really trust them with my services.
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Ashley L.

Great staff! Very professional. The Physician Associate was extremely informative about my tx and medications.
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Justin L.

The staff is always nice & attentive as well as very professional, the environment is very clean and comfortable. I have never felt judged by the staff & I felt like they remember you even though you may not be in there long.
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Bryan L.

Also have a good experience. All staff is friendly!
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Adam K.

I had an amazing experience, they have a very positive atmosphere and the staff was very helpful and attentive. I immediately felt comfortable with them and they all made sure I had any questions I had answered!
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Maria D.

The office is very nice and clean. The staff and Providers are very pleasant and helpful. I will utilize these services in the future.
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Jerrica A.

Super friendly staff! Clean & comfortable place! I love synergy, would def recommend for all of their services.
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Carmen C.

I absolutely am so happy with my experience with Synergy! The staff is so sweet, knowledgeable and helpful, they really make you feel more at ease if you’re feeling intimidated. The facility is very clean and modern, I love the environment. I walk out of there feeling very satisfied with …
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Vanessa M.

100% recommend! Staff is amazing, very knowledgeable with all procedures, and the facility is always nice & clean.
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Dana M.

They’re always very nice and professional.  I highly recommend their office. They provide an array of amazing services and are reasonably priced
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Danielle S.

Wonderful facility and staff.  The coordinator and P.A. spent a lot of time with me, explaining all of my options and made me feel very comfortable.   I am excited to continue my treatment with Synergy
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Jennifer G.

Excellent service! No waiting time.
Maria P Headshot

Maria P.

Professional, kind and informative staff. Very convenient to schedule appointments. I feel confident knowing I will always get the best care and service at Synergy.
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Brittany B.

I can go on and on about how wonderful this office is! The staff is professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend Synergy!
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Veronica D.

I have been to Synergy for a few different services and I have to say I am so pleased I found them. I love the facials, but the weight loss appointments are the most rewarding. Everything I get in one visit has been more than I have ever gotten when …
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Desiray M.

Firstly I like how they stay on top of their schedule time.. No waiting around for ever. Kay was super professional and made me feel very comfortable before, during and after my services. Overall everyone was nice and professional and the office is clean.
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Zayra G.

Synergy has always been great! I’ve seen multiple providers & have always loved my results. Highly recommend!!
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Lexi F.

I am so pleased with synergy wellness! Their staff are always pleasant and helpful. They offer so many procedures and always knowledgeable when I have questions. I highly recommend them to anyone I know and can’t say enough great things!
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Danielle S.

I have been coming to synergy for a few years now and I have never had a bad experience. The staff is so friendly and the girls make you feel extremely comfortable! Coming to synergy is well worth the drive to Bakersfield from Visalia !
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Tyler W.

Absolutely love this place, the staff goes above and beyond to make you feel at home from the moment you walk through the door. Your are immediately greeted by beautiful young happy faces all of whom are ready to answer all of your question and none of whom make you …
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Stephy A.

Great experience . Clean environment and everyone is so friendly. Myself and a couple of my friends all had a great experience with synergy and highly recommend it.

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They have a great staff and are super efficient. I have been many places in Bakersfield and they have a good thing going here.
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Chasity G.

Synergy wellness center has impeccable customer service. The products/ procedures are top of the line. No one in town even comes close to what synergy has to offer. I strongly suggest to pay it a visit.

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Synergy Wellness is a one-of-a-kind business, with a great professional team and a positive attitude. I would recommend this company to any colleague.

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Love Dr Trobischs work. His office is super nice and his staff is super friendly. This place offers the newest technology and Dr Trobisch knows what he doing.I Always leave feeling beautiful.

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I love the atmosphere and staff. REALLY, great experience every time I go. They are cautious with my health and would not anything to compromise that health.

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The staff there is sooooo amazing.. it’s always beautiful & clean in there.. the girls are always smiling & happy to help.. I highly recommend it! I’m personally afraid of needles but the shots there don’t hurt & the girls are so professional.. Definitely my go to spot!

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Dr. Trobisch and his staff are amazing and knowledgeable.

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I love coming here so peaceful as I walk in and the Nurses are so friendly…I recommend it!

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Love Dr Trobischs work. His office is super nice and his staff is super friendly. This place offers the newest technology and Dr Trobisch knows what he doing.I Always leave feeling beautiful.

The staff and doctors are extremely welcoming they helped me feel completely comfortable and not feel ashamed for needing help. There plans were easy to follow and worked extremely fast. I now feel happy with my body, I feel like my old self. I would highly recommend Synergy Wellness to …

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Jennifer M.

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