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Learn About BOTOX Injections in Bakersfield

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As the years pass, you may find it more and more difficult to maintain a smooth skin surface on your face. Specific areas of concern include the thin skin around your eyes, the area between your eyebrows, and your forehead. For the most part, these areas still appear healthy so long as the skin is relaxed. However, the moment you smile, frown, or pucker, annoying crow’s feet and other lines appear. There’s a simple treatment in Bakersfield for these wrinkle lines, and it’s known as BOTOX® injections.

Dynamic wrinkles are so-named because they only appear when the skin is in motion. Constant pulling and pinching of the skin surface via muscle contraction eventually etches fine lines on the skin surface. If you’re tired of looking older than your age and unhealthy whenever you smile at your friends, narrow your eyes, or make a pouting expression, we have the perfect solution for you. We’re located in the Bakersfield area, and we will be more than happy to consult with you and outline the BOTOX® treatment. If you’re not familiar with this quick cosmetic fix for dynamic wrinkles, we can help.

The Formation of Dynamic Wrinkles

You didn’t suffer from the appearance of smile lines and crow’s feet when you were younger. Your skin contained an adequate amount of moisture, and the dermal layers were full of collagen and elastin. Over the years, however, your skin has been subjected to sun exposure and environmental pollutants. The amount of collagen in your skin decreased. The many thousands of facial expressions you’ve made have had an effect on the skin surface.

The constant pulling and pinching of the skin surface caused by facial muscle contractions has slowly but surely etched these lines into the surface. This is why crow’s feet and frown lines are called dynamic wrinkles. One moment you look just fine, but then you frown or smile, and suddenly you appear old and tired.

These wrinkles are difficult to smooth away via dermabrasion or the application of moisturizing creams. Chemical peels often result in a strengthening of the skin but do little to fade away actual dynamic wrinkles. BOTOX® is a completely different sort of skin-smoothing treatment. In fact, it doesn’t actually treat the skin directly. Instead, it relaxes the muscles responsible for the sharp pinching of the skin whenever you make a facial expression.

A Closer Look at BOTOX®

When diluted, the main ingredient in this purified protein solution is harmless to humans. It has the remarkable ability to block nerve signals and prevent muscles from fully contracting. In fact, it was originally used to treat severe muscle spasms.

Today, it is more widely known as the active ingredient in muscle-relaxing injectable fluids such as BOTOX®. When injected directly into muscle tissue, it begins to block the nerve transmissions. This doesn’t mean that the muscle goes dead or completely limp. Instead, targeted areas of an individual muscle stay relaxed, and this prevents the skin from being pulled or pinched to any significant degree.

Your Customized Treatment Plan

When we consult with a client who has brought us concerns about dynamic wrinkles, we examine the facial features closely. As we watch the client make a series of frowning, smiling, and pouting expressions, we will be able to determine the muscle size and strength. This allows us to choose the proper dosage of the injectable fluid and just where to inject it.

Everyone’s facial muscles are different, and we need to know just which part of which muscles to into the BOTOX® into. Too much fluid in a muscle results in total relaxation and the inability to make simple movements such as raising of the cheeks toward the eyes. The idea here is to inject the fluid in just the right places so that normal muscle contractions continue but facial skin movement in the areas where wrinkle lines form is significantly reduced.

A Simple and Fast Treatment

BOTOX® injections are performed in the comfort of our office and typically take just minutes to carry out. The fluid settles down into the targeted muscle tissue. It moves around just a bit but doesn’t spread to other muscles. The client can immediately go on with most all regular activities.

It takes days for the effects of the BOTOX® injections to become noticeable. The performing of facial expressions is just as easy as it was prior to treatment, but the lines and crow’s feet no longer become highly visible. The skin in these areas remains smooth because the surface is no longer being pinched via muscle contractions.

The solution doesn’t affect the sensory nerves in the skin, so the sense of touch isn’t diminished. Also, the larger muscles that lie more deeply beneath the skin surface aren’t affected either, so motions such as chewing food or widening the eyes remain just as easy to perform.

The effect lasts for multiple months. About this time, the client notices that the lines are once more becoming visible. This means it’s time for a repeat injection treatment at our office in Bakersfield. It’s that simple!

Combining BOTOX® With Other Treatments

Our clients often ask us about wrinkling in other parts of the skin surface. Perhaps there’s a lot of fine creasing around the mouth, and maybe there’s a bit of nasolabial folding. We may suggest combining BOTOX® injections with other treatments such as dermal fillers depending on your aesthetic goals.

It really depends on the primary concern of the client. Many of our clients feel that they will eventually want to have some sort of skin lift surgery, but for now they simply want to keep the skin surface smooth. BOTOX® is a popular stop-gap treatment because it reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles without the need for surgical skin repositioning.

Forehead lines are another matter. Some of these horizontal wrinkles can be smoothed away with BOTOX® injections, but we may also suggest another type of treatment to smooth out the larger folds. It all depends on the unique case.

Suitable Candidates for Treatment

This treatment can be safely performed on just about any healthy adult who is experiencing fine line wrinkles that aren’t permanently set. Many of our clients are at the age that dynamic wrinkles often become an annoying problem. Others get the treatment done for preventive reasons. The only real deterrent to treatment of this type is some sort of severe medical problem involving the skin itself. The BOTOX® fluid doesn’t cause rashes, and it doesn’t interact with drugs or other chemicals. It also doesn’t negatively interact with natural skin oils or other natural compounds in the skin.

The treatment can work well for reducing the appearance of horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. It can also address the vertical lines in between the eyebrows. It’s most well-known for targeting those annoying crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes.

Key Benefits of BOTOX® Treatment

The ease of undergoing the treatment is by far and away the biggest benefit. Clients don’t have to shuffle their schedule. In fact, they can receive treatment during a quick break from their other activities if they wish. There’s no set downtime after the treatment. Once the muscles are relaxed and the wrinkles are faded from view, you can enjoy your youthful look for months.

Since the skin itself isn’t being treated directly, there’s no chance of bleaching or unwanted hyperpigmentation as a result of the treatment. The skin won’t puff up or dimple. Some other cosmetic can affect the skin tone and texture in a manner unintended. but there’s no risk of this when BOTOX® injections are performed.

It Gets Even Better

The initial treatment can produce dramatic results that last for months. The solution is eventually neutralized and flushed from the body along with other waste. There’s a great lingering effect, however. The affected muscles are becoming trained to stay in a relaxed state. Subsequent injection treatments may be performed using less and less of the injectable fluid.

Many of our clients find that they need follow-up treatments a couple times per year. Their skin remains smoother because the targeted muscles simply aren’t contracting as fully as they did prior to the initial treatment.

Properly performed, BOTOX® injections relax the muscles in just the right places to prevent fine wrinkle lines from showing. Normal performing of facial expressions isn’t subdued. The individual can still narrow the eyes, purse the lips, and furrow the eyebrows with ease. After getting the treatment for the first time, most individuals find it hard to believe they didn’t get the muscle-relaxing injections sooner. Of course, there’s also the added benefit of heightened self-confidence, especially when others begin to notice the individual’s more youthful countenance.

Are You Tired of Expression Wrinkles?

There’s something you can do about it. You don’t have to undergo skin repositioning surgery or subject your skin to harsh procedures. Simple BOTOX® injections in the properly determined muscle tissues may be all you need to get rid of those annoying crow’s feet and frown lines.

If you live in the Bakersfield area, you’re close to us here at Synergy Wellness Center. To learn more about BOTOX® injections and how they can help you reverse the visual signs of aging, book an appointment at our office in Bakersfield. We’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Wipe away those crow’s feet and forehead lines and elevate your self-confidence with the most popular cosmetic skin treatment on the planet. Contact our office today to set up your consultation and get started with expertly performed BOTOX® injections. We look forward to serving you!

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