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What Is a Laser Hair Removal Session Like?

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What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a treatment that removes unwanted hair using a laser that targets the hair follicles. The treatment is safe, as the laser is restricted to a narrow light spectrum that only targets the hair. This prevents skin damage while preventing hair growth and hair regeneration.

We use Diolaze laser hair removal treatment that is less painful and more effective than other types of lasers. The science behind this laser surrounds stopping the hair growth at the source instead of surface removal. By targeting those hair follicles, new growth is essentially halted, leaving you with smooth, hairless skin.

What Is Special about Diolaze Treatment?

The Diolaze laser is special because of the way in which it is able to penetrate the hair follicles, preventing hair regrowth. This laser specifically targets chromophores, (the portion of the molecule that gives hair and skin its color), and thus can get deeper than other laser treatments, making it more effective.

The Diolaze laser damages the molecules at the very root of the hairs which causes disruption, not allowing hair to grow or regenerate over time. Because this laser targets only the hair follicles, the skin around that hair will not be harmed or damaged. It also has other benefits in addition to removing the hair than other treatments.

How Is It Better Than Other Treatments?

Diloaze uses a diode laser energy to remove hair at the various stages of hair development, making it more effective than other types of lasers. It can be used while hair is at any stage of growth, but it works best when the hair is at its most mature phase. This laser can inactivate hairs, even those with high amounts of melanin.

The molecules at the root of the hair are specifically targeted which eliminates the hair from regenerating. The technology used is actually emitted an array of lasers that make smooth skin possible! It also has a skin-cooling surface built-in, which makes it a lot more comfortable than other devices that are commonly used in this type of treatment.

What Is a Session Like?

After a consultation with our experts, you will come in to one of our comfortable treatment rooms where the laser will be applied directly to the area or areas in which you want to remove unwanted hair. Because of the innovative Diolaze laser, the treatment is completely painless!

The laser will target the areas you want, without damaging the skin or causing you any discomfort. Many even say that this treatment is a relaxing one. You will just sit there while the treatment is applied and once you are finished, you are free to go about your day as you normally would.

During the treatment, our experts will ensure your comfort and let you know what is going on with every step. Think of it as a relaxing experience that is going to give you smooth skin an rid you of unwanted hair for good!

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Why Does It Take Multiple Visits?

All laser hair removal treatments, including this one, require multiple visits so that the hair can be targeted at various stages of growth. This is going to give you lasting results. Only a portion of your hair growth cycle can be active at any given time and the hair needs to be targeted at all stages in order to remove it permanently.

Depending on your specific hair, you may require more or fewer treatments than others. Also, certain areas may require more or fewer treatments than others to get rid of that unwanted hair forever. After one treatment, you will notice smoother skin and less thick hair growth.

2. Does it Hurt?

No. Unlike other treatments that use excessive heating without cooling, this treatment is totally painless. You will feel no discomfort during treatment whatsoever. Unlike other methods of hair removal, this one will give you nothing more than a mild heating and cooling sensation.

During a Diolaze session, the wavelength uses cooling technology but does not interfere with removing the hair. You can achieve hair removal without the pain through this revolutionary treatment!

3. What Areas Can I Have Hair Removed?

Because this treatment is so safe and effective, most areas of the body can be treated. Basically, anywhere you have unwanted hair can be treated. If there is an area on your body you don’t want hair, chances are, this treatment can be applied to that area.

The most commonly treated problem areas include the bikini line, the chest, the back, the legs, the shoulders, the stomach, the neck, the chin, and even sideburns. It can even be used on unwanted arm hair.

4. Do I Have to Get Rid of All the Hair?

No. If you would simply like thinner hair in certain areas, you may find that you are happy with that in certain areas. This treatment is going to be customized to fit your specific needs. The hair you want to be removed can be and the hair that is not a problem can remain. It is completely up to you how much or how little hair you want to be targetted.

5. How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This will vary on a case to case basis. Some have thicker, more coarse hair while others do not. It is going to depend on your specific case regarding how many treatments are going to give you the best results. The areas of your body you wanted targeted are also going to play a factor.

You will get a better idea about how many treatments you are going to need after being assessed by one of our friendly experts who are there to fully guide you through your experience. Some see maximum results after only a couple of treatments while others may require more.

6. Is This Treatment Only for Women?

No. Many men also find that they have unwanted hair they want to have removed. Anybody who is looking to remove that unwanted hair can take advantage of this treatment. Back hair, thick arm hair, and other body hair can be a concern for men too and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to get rid of their unwanted hair too.

Anybody who wants to have unwanted hair on their bodies be a thing of the past can have this treatment.

7. Can I Do This At Home?

You cannot perform laser hair removal safely at home. This type of treatment is best performed by our experts to ensure that it is safe and does not cause any damage to your skin.

With at-home treatments, you run the risk of damaging skin and seeing little to no results. It is never recommended to attempt a DIY treatment like this at home as there are too many risks. Stick with the professionals to ensure the laser is safely and effectively used.

8. What Are the Benefits of This Treatment?

The best part about this treatment is getting rid of unwanted hair but there are other benefits too. Often times, people can spend a lot of money on razors, hair removal creams, and waxing. These types of hair removal options have to be repeated over and over again, costing you time and money. With shaving, you may also experience painful and unsightly razor burn.

With this treatment, you don’t have to worry about pain, razor burn, or spending too much money on products. You will also be saving a lot of time and frustration. Your skin will also appear smoother and more radiant after treatment!

Your skin will appear smoother and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of dealing with the cycle of hair removal constantly. With this treatment, you can take back your time and save money in the long run.

9. What Do I Have to Do to Prepare?

Unless otherwise instructed by one of our experts, there is little prep in order to have this treatment. It is suggested that you leave the areas you want to be treated alone so that the hair can be targeted more thoroughly and at an advanced stage of growth.

You can go about your daily life as normal prior to treatment. There isn’t any special prep you need to do to prepare. You just show up and our experts will do the rest!

10. What Do I Need to Do After Treatment?

After undergoing this laser hair removal treatment, it is advised that you wear sunscreen for at least three weeks to avoid any unwanted damage to your skin. Other than that, you can use moisturizer as well as other types of cosmetics after treatment without worrying about any issues.

Unless your case is a special one, there are no other considerations you need to be aware of after you receive this treatment. It is important to use to give you the best skin and pleasant experience. Anything else you need to know will be instructed by one of our experts.

11. Is There Any Downtime?

This is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment so there is absolutely no downtime. Immediately following treatment, you are free to go about the rest of your day as you normally would. There is no need to rest or recover because there is no recovery needed!

12. How Many Treatments Can I Have?

You may not need as many treatments using this type of laser hair removal as you may think. This will depend on your case specifically but because this treatment is completely safe, having multiple treatments is perfectly okay. Multiple treatments are going to stop that hair from ever coming back so it is advised.

The number of treatments you’re going to need is going to vary from person to person. Our experts are there to walk you through the entire process and make sure you are comfortable!

Get Rid of That Unwanted Hair

If you are ready to take the next step and have unwanted hair and the hassle that comes with it be a thing of the past, give us a call! Come visit us at Synergy Wellness in Bakersfield, CA today! We want to help you achieve the smooth skin that you deserve. Think of all the time and money you can save without having to deal with all that unwanted hair!

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